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About The Solution Builder Referral Program

As a Solution Builder Referral Partner for each referral that results in closed business you will receive $50 in cash. This is a thank you for your continued effort and support with Solution Builder.

How the Solution Builder referral program works

  1. Sign up to be a SOLUTION BUILDER referral partner.

  2. Refer Solution Builder to eligible BUSINESS OWNERS with your unique referral link.

  3. Receive $50 via Zelle when referral SUBSCRIBES to Solution Builder for two months or more.

Solution Builder How

To receive compensation...

  • Referrer must refer using their UNIQUE referral link.

  • Referrals must result in a SOLUTION BUILDER monthly SUBSCRIPTION; lasting longer than two months.

  • Referrer must be able to RECEIVE Zelle payments.

  • Referrer should have BUSINESS OWNERS/entrepenuaers in their contact sphere.


Compile a list of business owners you know

Listen for words like too much time, business goal, business challenges, technology, needing help, etc

Ask questions like how much time are you spending on repetitive tasks? Or What tasks are taking up the most time and why?

Use the Solution Builder elevator pitch.

Talk about the free one time project request to try before you buy.